Fantastic view of the Earth from the ISS

An American astronaut shared a unique image of the Earth taken from the International Space Station (ISS). Three-time space station guest Don Pettit posted an amazing photo on his Twitter account on Monday.

Incredible photo of the Earth from the Cupola module. Authorship: Don Pettit

At first glance, it is very difficult to understand what the photo really displays. Someone might think that this is a Death Star or some strange gadget. In fact, this is a photo of the Earth taken with a long exposure through the windows of the Cupola module of the space station.

“Below, the lights of the city shimmer with orange stripes, and in the lower left corner, faint star trails are visible, showing the rotation of the Earth. Astrophotography can find fascinating ways to combine science and art,” the astronaut wrote on his Twitter page.

A few days earlier, a long-exposure photograph of the astronaut showed the lights of the Earth and traces of stars from a different angle. This picture caused a great resonance in the network.

Photo of astronaut Don Pettit of Earth from orbit with a long exposure. Source: Reddit

Thanks to the seven windows of the Cupola module, the best view of the Earth and deep space opens. This makes it a popular place for astronauts to go and relax during their free time. But basically Cupola is an important workplace, because astronauts can use it to monitor and assist not only during spacewalks, but also during the arrival and departure of spacecraft.

Cupola module, view from outside the ISS. Photo: Wikipedia
View of the Earth from the Cupola module. Photo: Space

Pettit’s last space trip took place in 2012. So space fans are excited that an experienced astronaut and astrophotographer is sharing some of the amazing photos he took ten years ago.

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