Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy regulates the policy and procedural aspects of the processing of personal data provided by you when using the Universe Space Tech Website (, and is an integral part of the Terms of Use of the Universe Space Tech Website (https:// The Privacy Policy is developed in accordance with the regulations of the Laws of Ukraine, taking into account the principles and requirements of the European legislation on the protection of personal data (the General Data Protection Regulation, hereinafter – GDPR).


Who we are

Popular science publication about space, astronomy and technology. Our website address: (hereinafter — the Website). Registered office: 02089, 64, Radystiv str., Kyiv. Office phone: +380975173581. The magazine “Universe. Space. Tech” is registered by the State Committee of Television and Radio Broadcasting of Ukraine. Certificate KV 24238-14078 PR from 12/16/2019. Certificate КВ 24238-14078 ПР from 12/16/2019. Chief editor of the publication Oksana Kudas.

The Website User (hereinafter — the User) is an individual who has access to the Universe Space Tech Website ( using the Internet, and uses the specified Website. 

Personal data is information or a set of information about an individual – the User, who is identified or can be specifically identified.

The subject of personal data is an individual – the User, whose personal data is being processed.

The administrator of personal data is a natural or legal person to whom the owner of personal data or the law has granted the right to process this data on behalf of the owner.

For the purposes of this Policy, We are the administrator of the User’s personal data. We can also use other persons to process personal data.

Personal data processing is any action or set of actions, such as collection, registration, accumulation, storage, adaptation, modification, updating, use and distribution (distribution, realization, transfer), depersonalization, destruction of personal data, including using information (automated) systems.

The recipient is a natural or legal person to whom personal data is provided and who independently determines the purposes and means of processing personal data. For the purposes of this Policy, We are the recipient of the User’s personal data.

Personal data protection

We pledge to take all necessary technical, organizational and administrative measures and take such measures to ensure reliable processing of User’s personal data in accordance with this Policy, the Regulations for using the website and the current legislation of Ukraine.

Meanwhile, We draw the User’s attention that the transmission of information on the Internet is not completely secure, so We cannot guarantee the security of such data. In this case, the Website User takes all the risk for any transfer of personal data. When we receive the User’s personal data, we undertake to apply procedures and security measures to prevent unauthorized access to such personal data by third parties.

We also draw the User’s attention that if the User leaves on the Website reviews/messages/comments/etc. and/or if the User registers on the Website (if technically possible), information about him/her can be available to other users of the Website. Access to reviews/messages/comments left by the User on the Website can be open to other users of the Website (unless otherwise determined by the Organization).

If, according to the current legislation of Ukraine, a person has not reached the age to consent to the collection and processing of personal data and/or for other reasons, such consent should be given by the legal representatives of the person, then in this case such consent to the processing of personal data should be provided by the legal representatives of the User. If the User’s legal representatives contact us about the absence of permission and/or reveal that the User’s personal data has been provided by a person who does not have the right to do so, all personal data provided by them will be deleted.

User Data that We can collect and/or process

When the User uses the Website, We can process a part or all of the User data listed below:

Information about the User (Full name of the User, place of study, age, postal address, email address and mobile (contact) phone, etc. – if specified by the User).

Information about correspondence (interaction) with the User, including their audiovisual content (photos, videos, audio). If the User contacts us by phone, we can collect and process information about the phone number used, and any information collected during telephone communication.

Information about devices and technical data. Such personal data can include the User’s IP address, data about the operating system of the computer/mobile device and the User’s browser type, the type of the User’s mobile device, the unique identifier of the device or the identifier of the User’s mobile equipment, etc., which are processed automatically (including when downloading).

Information about the User’s visit to the Website.

Overview information (User’s reviews and/or responses to proposed advertising or informational surveys and/or research, etc.).

Sources of obtaining the User’s personal data

We receive most of the User’s personal data directly from such the User or when the User interacts with us and/or the Website. We can additionally receive User’s personal data from other sources, including from the Organization’s partner companies, maintenance companies, advertising networks, data analysis providers, information search providers, anti-fraud databases and/or other third-party databases, including from the sanctions (prohibited) lists, according to the regulations of the legislation of Ukraine.

The User has the right not to provide Us with personal data, but in this case the Website can  work incorrectly, and some functions can not be available to the User.

The user of the Website can at any time object to Our processing of the personal data provided to us and/or inform Us of the need to delete the personal data provided to Us and/or inform about the need to update/edit the personal data provided to Us by e-mailing Us and/or a regular letter by mail to the address/contacts specified in this Policy, defined in the “Our Contacts” section.

Purpose of collecting and processing the User’s personal data

The purpose of collecting and processing User’s personal data:

  • ensuring the proper functioning of the Website, including setting up, improving, and maintaining the Website;
  • ensuring the rights and interests of the Organization and/or users of the Website;
  • ensuring and/or fulfilling any legal obligations;
  • ensuring public interests in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine;
  • conducting proper registration of the User on the Website;
  • conducting informational and/or promotional events;
  • collecting statistics of Website visits, auditing the activities of the Website and the Organization;
  • communication (including correspondence) with the User;
  • providing information and/or advertising materials to the User in compliance with the regulations of the legislation of Ukraine;
  • monitoring, reviewing and studying information to understand the needs of Website users;
  • compliance with the requirements of the legislation of Ukraine.

Dissemination of User’s Personal Data

The transfer and storage of the User’s personal data is carried out in compliance with the regulations of the Policy, the legislation of Ukraine, taking into account the principles and requirements of the GDPR. We can process (including distribute) the User’s personal data within the Organization’s own structure (including employees of the Organization) and among the Organization’s partner companies, including among foreign partner companies (hereinafter – partner companies). Meanwhile, any processing of such personal data within the Organization’s own structure (including among the Organization’s employees) and among partner companies is carried out exclusively if there is such a need for this and in accordance with the purposes provided for in this Policy, in accordance with the requirements of this Policy, and the regulations for the preservation of confidential information in agreements with such employees and/or partner companies. We can involve other companies providing IT and administrative services, including hosting services, which will process the User’s personal data on our behalf in order to ensure the technical functioning and proper operation of the Website. Such companies can access the User’s personal data only if it is required for the implementation of the above purposes and have no right to use them for any other purposes. We can involve other companies to implement/advertise the Website. Such companies can access the User’s personal data in general form (without the ability to identify the User) only if it is required for the implementation of the above purposes and have no right to use it for any other purposes. If the User considers this possibility unacceptable, We recommend not to provide the User’s personal data when using the Website and/or immediately stop using the Website. We do not sell the User’s personal data under any conditions. We also do not transfer or disclose the User’s personal data to third parties outside the structure of the Organization and outside partner companies, except in cases defined by this Policy, the legislation of Ukraine, taking into account the principles and requirements of GDPR. We reserve the right to process (including disclose and/or inform) any personal data provided by the User, if this is required by the legislation of Ukraine and/or a legal requirement of a state authority and/or local government of Ukraine in order to comply with the requirements of the legislation of Ukraine, to protect the integrity of the Website, to fulfill the requests of the User, state authorities and/or local self-government or in order to facilitate any investigation by law enforcement agencies or an investigation to ensure public (national) security.

User rights on personal data

The user has the right to:

  1. know about the sources of collection, the location of their personal data, the purpose of their processing, the location or residence (location) of the owner or manager of personal data, or to give an appropriate order to obtain this information to authorized persons, except in cases established by law;
  2. receive information about the conditions for providing access to personal data, in particular, information about third parties to whom his/her personal data is transferred;
  3. access to his/her personal data;
  4. receive, no later than thirty calendar days from the date of receipt of the request, except for cases specified by law, a response on whether his/her personal data is being processed, as well as to receive the content of such personal data;
  5. make a reasoned claim to the owner of personal data with an objection to the processing of their personal data;
  6. make a reasoned demand for the modification or destruction of their personal data by any owner and administrator of personal data, if these data are processed illegally or unreliable;
  7. protect their personal data from illegal processing and accidental loss, destruction, damage due to intentional concealment, failure to provide or untimely provision of them, as well as to protect against the provision of information that is unreliable or discrediting the honor, dignity and business reputation of an individual;
  8. complain about the processing of his/her personal data to the Commissioner for Human Rights of the Verkhovna Rada or to the court;
  9. apply legal remedies in case of violation of the legislation on personal data protection;
  10. make reservations regarding the restriction of the right to process your personal data when providing consent;
  11. withdraw consent to the processing of personal data;
  12. know the mechanism of automatic processing of personal data;
  13.  protect against an automated solution that has legal consequences for it.

These rights are applied subject to certain exceptional restrictions available under the regulations of the Policy and/or legislation of Ukraine, in particular, to protect public interests (for example, prevention or detection of crimes) and our interests (for example, confidentiality). If the User has any questions and/or requests regarding the regulations of this Policy, in particular the implementation of the User’s rights to process his/her personal data, please contact us for the contacts specified in this Policy in the “Our Contacts” section.

Personal data retention period

The User’s personal data that we process will not be stored longer than is permitted by the legislation of Ukraine, and will be stored only as long as it is necessary to achieve the purposes/purpose of processing personal data set out in this Policy.

For example, if the User leaves a comment, the comment and its metadata can be stored indefinitely. This is done in order to identify and approve the following comments automatically instead of placing them in the approval queue.


If the User leaves a comment/message/review on the Website, We can collect data specified in the form of a comment/message/review, as well as the User’s IP address and browser user-agent data in order to detect spam.

An anonymized string generated from your email address (“hash”) can be provided to the Gravatar service to determine whether you are using it. Gravatar’s Privacy Policy is available here: After the comment is approved, your profile picture will be visible publicly in the context of your comment.

The User can see, edit or delete his/her information from the profile created by the User on the Website (if there is such a technical possibility) at any time (except for the User’s name).

If there is an account on the Website or if the User left a comment/message/feedback, then the User can request an export file of the personal data that We have stored about the User, including the data provided.

The comments of the Website users can be checked by an automatic spam detection service.

Cookies and their use

The website uses cookies to distinguish one user from other users of the website. A cookie is a text file that websites send to a computer or other device of a User (visitor) with an Internet connection solely in order to identify the User’s browser or save information or settings in the browser. Like most websites on the Internet, we use cookies for various purposes in order to improve the user’s activity conditions. For example, we can track the total number of users (visitors) of the website on an aggregate anonymous basis. Besides, we can use cookies to organize certain contests/promotions, as well as to help the User set up work with the Website if necessary. In such cases, we can link the user’s personal data to cookies. If the User does not agree with Our use of cookies on the Website, We recommend disabling it by following the instructions of the User’s browser and/or immediately stop using the Website. Please note, that some modes of using the website may work with a certain deviation when cookies are disabled.

Links to other Websites/social networks (media platforms)

We can install and post links on the Website to websites/social networks (media platforms) that are not in the structure of our Organization and/or our partner companies. If the User intends to use these websites/social networks through such links, such a User needs to review their privacy conditions and their principles of operation, including the collection of personal data of users. We are not responsible for the policies and practices of other companies, and any information that the User provides to such companies is subject to their Privacy Policy.

Website articles may include embedded content (for example, videos, images, articles, etc.). Such content does the same as if the User visited another site.

Media files

If a User is registered on the Website and uploads photos to the Website, the User needs to avoid downloading images with EXIF metadata, as they can contain the User’s GPS location data. Website users can get this information by downloading images from the website.

Consent to the processing of personal data

The User’s use of the Website, including loading the Website and/or reviewing the Website and/or registering on the Website and/or any other use of the Website, by the User is the User’s consent to the collection and processing of the User’s personal data subject to the provisions of this Policy and the User’s consent to the terms/conditions of this Privacy Policy. 

Making amendments to the Privacy Policy

We can make amendments to this Policy at any time. However, in case of amendments to this Policy, we will publish a new version of the Privacy Policy on the Website, so We advise Users to periodically review the Privacy Policy page.


Registered office:

02089, 64, Radystiv str., Kyiv. Office phone: +380975173581

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