№5 2021 (186)

All you want to know about interplanetary space

Magazine cost — UAH 100

In this issue:

  • Non-empty emptiness. What is interplanetary space and what is it filled with
  • Space tourist races. About the competition between Branson and Bezos
  • The heavenly gates of China. About the Tianhe core module and the prospects of the Chinese orbital station
  • The struggle of “Progress” with “Science”. How the new Russian module deployed the ISS
  • A rainy day at the Baikonur Cosmodrome. How the largest rocket disaster in history happened
  • Naughty nuclear thrust. About jet engines for spacecraft that use a stable nuclear reaction
  • Five NASA Innovations in Civil Aviation
  • How 4G will work on the Moon. How mobile communication works and why NASA chose LTE
  • Who will survive the end of the world? What terrestrial microorganisms can withstand being in outer space
  • Women behind the scenes of space exploration. We talk about the women’s contribution to the space industry
  • Talent foundry of the future. The role of STEM education in the labor market
  • From peace to self-defense. Japan’s Space Program
  • The first flight of Firefly Alpha. Launch of the new rocket of the aerospace company Firefly Aerospace
  • 3D printing is mainstream in the aerospace market. Interview with Yulia Pashkova, Head of Marketing and Sales Department of Flight Control
  • Familiarity with the sky: From beginner to professional. What do amateur astronomer need to start
  • Behind the scenes of the Perseid Show. What are Perseids and where is it better to observe them
  • What are inside the planets? About the internal structure of the large planets of the Solar system
  • Scientist who influenced the course of world events. Biography of Mikhail Yangel
  • Filming (is) impossible to read.. How and who tried to film Dune