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The Universe. Space. Tech formerly known as “The Universe. Space. Time” has been existing since 2003! All these years, the editorial team has been working diligently to keep up with the times. It is always important for us to delight you with interesting space news and tell you about the mysteries of the Universe.

The mission of our publication is to popularize and deepen knowledge about space and related technologies among young people. Informing about the progress in the space industry, career and educational opportunities in this field, we contribute to the development of a new generation focused on science and technology. 

Our dream is to become a popular science publication on which more than one generation of Ukrainians would grow up. After all, the future belongs to the development of technology, and space is always a challenge and tasks of incredible complexity.

In 2018, the editorial office was going through difficult times and had no means to print magazines. We were looking for help from partners: astronomical stores, advertising in the pages of the publication… This did not work, and it was decided to close the print version and go online.

But international businessman Max Polyakov, founder of Noosphere Ventures, helped the magazine. Max Polyakov, an ideologist of the Noosphere and a person who aims to change the perception of modern space in Ukraine, was looking for ways to help the magazine differently. So, in September 2018, with the support of the company EOS, also headed by him, and together with the magazine “Kunsht”, a special issue of Space. The Universe & Everything was published in Ukrainian about the exploration of the Universe, space technologies and the future beyond the Earth.

After this, the Noosphere Association became an official partner of the magazine. Max Polyakov is the ideologist of the Association. In 2016, he proposed to create it to promote scientific research in the business environment and the development of the startup ecosystem. 

This is done through educational events for young people on the topics of space, innovation and robotics.

The mission of the Noosphere Association is to use knowledge to create technologies for all humanity.