Destroyed Russian helicopters in satellite images

A group of independent investigators GeoConfirmed published satellite images of the airbase ​​Veretye in the Pskov Oblast. They show at least three Russian Ka-52 helicopters destroyed as a result of sabotage.

The consequences of the sabotage in Veretye. Source:

Helicopters in Veretye

A group of independent OSINT investigators GeoConfirmed, with reference to analyst Tim Ergart, published materials on the sabotage at the Russian Veretye airbase in the Pskov Oblast of Russia. Ka-52 helicopters participating in the war in Ukraine are based on it.

The pictures are dated 11:44 a.m. on October 31 GMT+2, that is, they were taken about a day after the sabotage. They clearly show at least three helicopters destroyed by the explosions and two more that may have been damaged by them.

For the first time, information that helicopters exploded at an airbase in the Pskov Oblast was reported by Russian telegram channels on October 30. Immediately there was a version that this was a sabotage. The personnel of the military unit was alerted, but no saboteurs were captured.

Surveillance of Russian airfields

As Russia continues to regularly use its aircraft to strike peaceful targets on the territory of Ukraine, its airfields are regularly inspected by satellites from orbit. Recently, in this way, analysts noticed the movement of strategic bombers over the Arctic Circle. At the same time, it became clear that Russia would reactivate its old MiG-29 fighters.

Helicopters have also been in these pictures before. In particular, Maxar Technologies published images of their wreckage at the airfield in Chornobaivka. The current ones, which depict the Veretye, also show fragments of equipment lying separately from the hulls, and some machines do not have enough rotor blades.

The pictures appeared almost simultaneously with the publication of a video in which a likely saboteur films how he lays explosives to helicopters. And if the veracity of this video can still be doubted, then satellite images do not cause doubts.

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