Satellite images: Russia reactivated MiG-29 aircraft

Satellite images of Russian airfields in Millerovo and Kursk demonstrate that the aggressor country is deconserving MiG-29 aircraft. They have not been used for years and their condition leaves much to be desired.

Planes at the Millerovo airfield. Source: Planet Labs

Satellite images of Russian airfields

Satellite operators continue to monitor the progress of the war in Ukraine. After they observed Russia’s crimes against the civilian population in the spring and the abandonment of the Zmiyiny Island by the aggressor’s troops. Now they have switched to military facilities on the territory of Russia.

Recently, satellites have helped to track the movement of strategic aviation at an airfield beyond the Arctic Circle. Currently, the MilitaryAviationInUa Twitter page has published images of the Millerovo airfield in the Rostov region, taken by Sentinel-2 reconnaissance satellites and Maxar devices. They clearly show that the MiG-29 aircraft, which had been stored there for the last few years, have disappeared somewhere.

MiG-29 aircraft are stored in Millerovo. Source:

The same can be seen in the photos of the airfield in Kursk. MiG-29 SMT fighters were removed from storage here. Experts believe that Russia will soon use these aircraft against Ukraine, despite the significant risks associated with their operation.

Why didn’t the Russians use the MiG-29 before

Experts are constantly monitoring the situation at Russian airfields using satellite images. For example, on October 17, a page of experts from OSINT Evergreen Intel, with reference to images of the same satellites, calculated the amount of equipment that was in Millerovo on October 5. 

At that time, 19 Su-25, 18 attack helicopters of various modifications, 13 MiG-29, 4 Su-30, 2 Su-24, 2 Su-27, 1 Tu-134 and 1 An-26 were located at the airfield. But until now, the MiG-29 was not taken into account, because these aircraft, mainly produced in the late 1980s, even Russia does not dare to take off into the air.

MiG-29 SMT in Kursk. Source:

The MiG-29 SMT variant was developed in the late 1990s. But according to experts, it also has significant technical problems due to corrosion of the tail. However, it seems that the problems of Russian aviation are so serious that the command decided to use them as well.

According to

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