Maxar Technologies showed how Snake Island looks without Russians

Satellite images from Maxar Technologies show Snake Island after the Russians “made a step of goodwill” and went from there. The images show numerous destruction of infrastructure and smoke from destroyed equipment.

Snake Island June 30. Source: Maxar Technologies

Maxar Technologies showed Snake Island

A photo of Snake Island, from which the Russian army finally left, was published by the private satellite operator Maxar Technologies. On their Twitter, they posted pictures dating back to June 30. 

Maxar Technologies has been tracking the progress of the war in Ukraine from their satellites since the very beginning of the war. Thanks to them, it was possible to track the burials of civilians in Bucha and the food queue in besieged Mariupol. They also helped to see Russian ships in the Crimea, which are loaded with stolen grain in Ukraine.

Great battle for small island

Now the company has turned its attention to Snake Island, which is known for the fact that the Russian ship was pointed to the only right way. Over the past few months, Russia has repeatedly tried to place a garrison and air defense systems on it. But every time the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed them with missile and air strikes.

Russia’s attempts to support the troops on the island with the help of its fleet also ended in failure. They lost several of their boats and the flagship of the Black Sea Fleet cruiser “Moskva”

However, on June 30, after another crushing strike by the Ukrainian Armed Forces, Russian troops began to flee from the island. At the same time, the aggressor country declares that it was a “step of goodwill” to show that they are not blocking the sea routes of Ukraine.

The eastern part of the island. Source: Maxar Technologies

What can be seen in the photo

Maxar Technologies posted three photos of the island on their Twitter. On all of them, Snake Island is located so that the east is at the top, and the south is on the right. You can see that there is not a single ship at the main pier, located in the northeastern part of the island, but something is burning on it, forming a huge plume of smoke.

Destroyed buildings can also be seen all over the island, although several large ones have clearly remained relatively intact. There is also smoke all over the island. Obviously, it is the destroyed equipment that is burning.

In the north-eastern part of the island, a large structure of artificial origin attracts attention, similar to another pier built in haste on the rocks. A long bright object in the western part of the island is the wreckage of the tower standing here.

The western part of Snake Island. Source: Maxar Technologies

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