Mass grave in Bucha in the satellite image

Satellite Maxar Technologies shot mass graves in Bucha. According to the company data, a mass grave for Ukrainian citizens began to be built on March 10. 

Mass grave in Bucha (up to the temple). Source: Maxar Technologies

Satellite showed how a mass grave looks like

Maxar Technologies is known for its satellite images of the war in Ukraine. This time it published confirmation of the existence of mass graves in the city of Bucha. Moreover, the images prove that their formation was carried out directly at the location of Russian troops in the city.

The church is clearly visible in the photo. It is easily identified as the Church of St Andrew’s and All Saints in Bucha. In the south-east of the church, the images dated March 10 show the beginning of excavation work. The last photos, which were taken on the 31st, already show an entire trench with a length of almost 14 meters.

The international news agency Reuters says it cannot confirm that it was in this city that its correspondents saw mass graves. At the same time, CNN correspondent Frederik Pleitgen testifies that this particular place was shot. On Twitter, he wrote that they shot their report there.

Maxar Satellites and Restoring the Truth about the War

The images taken by the Maxar satellite are extremely important to establish the truth about how the civilians of the city of Bucha died. Now Russia is trying to defend the opinion that they are victims of the Ukrainian army. Or they claim that there was no mass death of civilians at all. 

But satellite images record the proliferation of mass graves throughout March and make it impossible for Russia to lie further in this direction. The images indicate that the death of people coincides with the time of stay in the city of the “liberators”. It may be that in the future it will be possible to determine from these photos on which days civilians were killed.

It is quite possible that the history of the investigation of the events of the Russian-Ukrainian war is just beginning. And satellite images of private companies will help to establish the truth. After all, they shot from above everything that happened during the fighting.

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