Maxar presented mobile terminals for access to its satellites

Maxar Technologies has introduced mobile terminals with antennas that can be used to connect directly to their surveillance satellites. They are intended primarily for military and intelligence services.

Maxar Technologies mobile terminals. Source: SpaceNews

Mobile terminals for working with satellites

Maxar Technologies is known for its images of the Earth’s surface, in particular, the events of the Ukrainian-Russian war presented mobile terminals. They are a satellite dish and the terminal. Such a set of equipment allows connecting to their satellites.

We are talking about direct access to the company’s optical-electronic surveillance satellites and Radarsat-2 radar satellites of the Canadian company MDA. According to Maxar President Daniel Jablonski, the company is now receiving a huge number of requests from government organizations and new equipment is the answer to them.

The presented sets are characterized as “tactical terminals”. The company says that they are intended primarily for military and intelligence services. They will also be useful for humanitarian organizations and those dealing with the elimination of the consequences of natural disasters. The equipment is designed for direct connection to satellites, without waiting for the images to be uploaded to the company’s servers.

What allows new terminals

Now Maxar Technologies has four satellites in orbit that take pictures of the surface. The company provides an image of them to everyone. Six more satellites of the new type WorldView Legion are being prepared for deployment, but this process is slowed down by a limited number of launches.

Now images from Maxar satellites show important events with a delay of hours and days. Until recently, even such a result was incredibly efficient. However, the military in the conflict zone does not have time to search among thousands of images on the server for the right one.

The new terminals allow to quickly get the desired image from the satellite and give it or another device to take off the terrain again to check unreliable data or, for example, to find out the results of an artillery strike.

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