Among us: Harvard scientists suggest aliens masquerading as humans

After launching ChatGPT and demonstrating its impressive capabilities, scientists became even more concerned that artificial intelligence could find a way to destroy humanity on its own. But that’s not the worst development that could happen. There is an equally disturbing scenario: alien beings may decide that we are in their way.This kind of plot is often found in science fiction movies, where we always fight against aggressive aliens and almost always win.

The hypothesis suggests that these creatures live among us, masquerading as humans. Photo: Unsplash

What if aliens behave differently in real life? What if they are already living among us, masquerading as humans? Such an idea is not new to sci-fi works, but this time it is seen as a real hypothesis by Harvard University scientists who try to explain numerous UFO sightings. 

Cryptoterrestrial hypothesis

In the article “The cryptoterrestrial hypothesis: A case for scientific openness to a concealed earthly explanation for Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena,” which was published in the journal Philosophy and Cosmology, scientists suggest that another civilization, perhaps more intelligent and more advanced than our own, may be hiding on Earth. These aliens are capable of masquerading as humans.

Harvard scientists are considering several scenarios that could explain the existence of this species on our planet. One suggests that the aliens may be descendants of an ancient human civilization more advanced than modern humans. Another theory suggests that intelligent species evolved independently of humans. A third theory points to the possibility of a species arriving from another planet or time period, perhaps as another version of humans.

Advanced civilizations that masquerade as humans may live among us. Photo: Unsplash

It sounds too fantastic, but in the context of such hypotheses, anything is possible. Scientists even speculate that this superior species may not be technologically advanced, but magical, which from our perspective might look like something supernatural, such as angels. 

Perhaps these creatures live among us, masquerading as humans or other familiar species such as primates or reptiles.

What is the point of the hypothesis?

Why is it worth the effort to develop such improbable hypotheses when they are more suitable as a script for fantasy books or movies? Researchers realize that these may be far-fetched ideas, but believe that we should consider such explanations in order to understand all the UFO events that are constantly in the news.

The hypothesis suggests that these creatures live among us

Despite the increasing readiness of Congress and NASA to discuss these events publicly, we are no closer to obtaining meaningful explanations regarding alien life on Earth. This has led to wild hypotheses that advanced civilizations may live among us.

“We entertain them here because some aspects of UAP are strange enough that they seem to call for unconventional explanations. It may be exceedingly improbable, but hopefully this paper has shown it should nevertheless be kept on the table as we seek to understand the ongoing empirical mystery of UAP,” the Harvard scientists explain.

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