Threat to humanity: There are four evil civilizations in the Milky Way

The SETI program is looking for evidence of the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations. However, there are risks in this noble cause. In his new work, a researcher from the Spanish University of Vigo has calculated that only in our home galaxy of the Milky Way, there are as many as four alien civilizations with evil intentions.

Alien civilizations may have a desire for war to enslave others worlds

Scientist Alberto Caballero in his thought experiment suggested that if aliens are somewhat similar to humans, that is, they are belligerent and tend to invade foreign territory, there is a fairly high probability that they will pose a potential threat to humanity. He came to his conclusions using a formula that takes into account how technological advances reduce the chance of an invasion of civilizations.

Caballero used known data about how people have invaded each other’s territory throughout the history of mankind. He compared these data with the number of supposed habitable exoplanets in the Milky Way. The scientist came to the conclusion that there may be up to four hostile alien civilizations in our galaxy. However, the probability of an alien invasion is negligible. The Earth is much more likely to be destroyed by an asteroid than to be invaded by bloodthirsty aliens.

“I wrote an article based on the behavior of mankind throughout its history. We don’t know the thoughts of aliens. An extraterrestrial civilization may have a brain with a different chemical composition, which means completely different instincts and behavior that would be illogical for us,” Caballero said in an interview with Vice.

Caballero’s article contains many basic assumptions. First, that an extraterrestrial civilization would be interested enough in humanity to invade us. Secondly, the growth of technological progress can make them less belligerent to create. 

However, against the background of Russia’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine, it is not so difficult to believe that if aliens have the same behavior as humans, they may have the same desire for aggression and the seizure of territories to enslave alien civilizations.

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