The US will impose sanctions against the Russian space program

US President Joe Biden has promised to impose sanctions against Russia’s space program because of the invasion of its troops in Ukraine. He stated this in a televised address to the American people.

Joe Biden. Source: BBC

According to Biden, the United States is going to block more than half of  high technology imports to Russia. This will hurt its ability to modernize the Russian armed forces and the capabilities of the aerospace industry, including in the space program.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson also said that the sanctions would affect space cooperation with Russia. According to the British leader, until now, he has been generally in favor of continuing creative and scientific cooperation. But in the current circumstances, it is difficult to see how they can continue as usual.

In turn, in a message published on February 24, NASA stated that the new restrictions would not affect operations related to the ISS. As for the head of the Roscosmos state corporation Dmitry Rogozin, he reacted sharply to Biden’s statements, among other things, saying that in case of blocking cooperation, the uncontrolled ISS could leave orbit and fall into the territory of the United States or Europe.

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