The Universe Space Tech launched an English version of the site

Dear Friends! The Universe Space Tech team is pleased to announce that our publications are available in English.

The launch of the English version of the website is a new stage in the development of the UST edition, which is preceded by the launch of the Ukrainian version, as well as the updating of the website design. In addition, six months ago we launched an Instagram page, which is becoming increasingly popular. At the same time, we have significantly increased the audience on Facebook and Telegram, and introduced new content formats. Soon you can read us on Twitter.

The current launch of the English version is another step towards many of our readers who are used to receiving information in English. Also, thanks to the new language version, we hope to expand the number of subscribers both in Ukraine and abroad. After all, we create exclusive educational, entertainment and informational content about space and related technologies that can be maximally accessible to everyone. At the same time, we consider it an important goal to popularize in the world the Ukrainian contribution to the development of space technologies both in the past decades, and today and in the future.

“When our team discussed why we needed an English version, we set a goal for ourselves — to tell the world about Ukraine. It is important for us that everyone knows about the huge contribution of our scientists to aerospace development and the potential that Ukraine has in this industry” — says Oksana Kudas, Chief editor.

We will continue to write interesting latest news and articles for you, prepare analytics, and create infographics. Trends in the aerospace industry, photos of distant galaxies, satellite images of Ukraine, including places of military operations and destroyed Russian equipment — all this you can find on our website and pages in social networks.

We believe in the victory of Ukraine, we continue to work and develop. Stay with us and share our content!

About The Universe Space Tech

The Universe Space Tech is a popular science publication about space, astronomy, innovations and technologies in the aerospace field, created in 2003. Its official partner is the NGO “Noosphere Association”, founded by businessman Max Polyakov.

About Max Polyakov

Dr. Max Polyakov is an international entrepreneur in the fields of space technology and IT, investor, economist and philanthropist, founder and managing partner of Noosphere Ventures.