Space NFT for Ukraine, NASA wants to create virtual flight conditions to Mars: News Digest

Selection of space news for breakfast: Photos of this year’s first solar eclipse have been published, Crew Dragon has landed in the Atlantic Ocean, and the launch of Jupiter-3 has been postponed.

SpaceX spacecraft delivered four astronauts from the ISS to Earth

SpaceX’s Crew Dragon Endurance spacecraft delivered four astronauts to Earth.The day before, he successfully undocked from the ISS. The flooding splashed down in the Atlantic Ocean, the coast of Florida.

Satellite photographed the first solar eclipse of 2022

On April 30, the first solar eclipse in 2022 took place on Earth. It was partial. The maximum phase of the eclipse was 64%. At the same time, the celestial phenomenon was observed in very sparsely populated corners of the Earth — the tip of South America, the coast of Antarctica and Easter Island.

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New SLS launch rehearsal will take place in June. Source:

Jupiter-3 satellite launch postponed to 2023

Hughes Network Systems has once again postponed the launch of the Jupiter-3 satellite, announcing that the launch is now expected in the first quarter of 2023. Earlier, the company reported that its launch will take place in the fourth quarter of this year.

Next SLS launch dress rehearsal to plan in June

A new dress rehearsal for the launch of the SLS lunar rocket will take place in June. Engineers have already figured out what prevented it from refueling last time. The launch is possible in August. The engineers hope that this time they will be able to carry out all the necessary preparations, which will be carried out during a real launch and achieve 10-second readiness.

SpaceX launched 53 more satellites into orbit

The American company SpaceX has successfully launched the next constellation of Starlink – 53 Internet satellites. Friday’s launch was the 45th Starlink mission since launches began in 2019. During this mission, the first stage of the Falcon 9 was used for the 12th time. Thus, the company confirmed its record of reuse of launch carrier components.


Fragment from the first NFT collection titled “Dreams Out of This World” by former NASA astronaut Scott Kelly Source: Scott Kelly/Orange Comet

Former astronaut Scott Kelly launches the second NFT, the proceeds from which again send to Ukraine

Former NASA astronaut Scott Kelly is auctioning off even more of his digital space works, and the proceeds will again be sent to a very worthy cause. On April 12, Kelly launched his first NFT, an art project called “Dreams Out of This World”, which aims to inspire people, introduce them to the growing virtual realm known as the Metaverse, and money was to be raised to help people. To deal with Russia’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine.

NASA will update information about the commissioning of the James Webb Space Telescope

Since its launch on December 25, 2021, scientists have been focused on configuring and deploying complex JWST hardware. On Monday, NASA and its project partners will talk about the current state of the observatory and the subsequent stages of its work. The conference will be held on Monday, May 9 at 06:00 p.m.  Kyiv time.

NASA is looking for ideas on how to simulate flights to Mars!

On the eve of the Mars missions, NASA and its commercial partners (Epic Games and Buendea) teamed up with HeroX — the leading platform for crowdsourcing solutions — to launch NASA’s MarsXR Challenge.

The Challenge is looking for innovative ideas that will help create a simulated environment that recreates what astronauts may experience on Mars. The technology used is known as extended reality (XR), a general term describing immersive technologies such as virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), tactile sensations and other immersive technologies that combine the physical and virtual worlds.

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