Solved one of the mystical mysteries of the Moon

The scientific world has always tried to explain the origin of ice on the Moon. This stunning mystery, in fact, has become the subject of a new study, which indicates that electrons, which in a certain way originate from the Earth and the Sun, may be key factors in the formation of ice on the surface of the Moon. 

Moon. Photo: Unsplash

Let’s imagine ourselves as a moon that crosses the magnetic tail of the Earth, remaining in the shadow of the planet. The inner region of this magnetic tail is saturated with charged particles, such as electrons and ions, which originate from the Earth’s atmosphere and solar radiation.

In the past, scientists already investigated the role of the magnetic tail and the larger magnetosphere in creating water on the moon. The magnetosphere occurs when the Earth’s magnetic field reflects the flow of the solar wind, and this creates various complex effects.

Misconception about water on the Moon

It is worth noting that when the Moon is outside the magnetic tail, its surface is open to the solar wind, and it was expected that in this case the formation of water would be impossible. But scientists have found that this is not the case.

Previous studies have indicated that hydrogen ions from the solar wind actually contribute to the formation of water on the Moon. But it seems that water is still formed when the Moon is inside the magnetic tail, protected from the solar wind.

Scientists believe that electrons play an important role in this process. One possible way of this formation is that high-energy electrons react with the lunar soil, releasing hydrogen, which can then become the basis for the formation of water.

New horizons of research

To confirm this, further observations and experiments on the surface of the Moon are needed. But this is just one of many mysteries that scientists are trying to solve by attempting to determine the source of water on the Moon.

This clue is of great importance, because it helps us to better understand the Moon’s past and the possibilities of further colonization of its surface. It also highlights the unusual relationship between the Earth and its moon, which may have many unknown aspects. All this opens up new horizons for our exploration of space and our understanding of its nature.

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