NASA gave stunning details of the first photos of James Webb

Six months have passed since the launch of the James Webb Space Telescope from French Guiana to the L2 Lagrange point to observe space at a distance of more than a million kilometers from Earth. Despite the collision with a meteoroid, this did not prevent the telescope from getting the first color images. But for now, the images are being processed and will be made public on July 12.

James Webb is the most powerful telescope ever built.

At a press conference held on June 29, NASA representatives reported some amazing details on the received images and talked about some updates on the work of James Webb. The team announced that the expected publication of the first images of the telescope will include the deepest image of the Universe and the spectra of one exoplanet.

Test photos

James Webb has been attracting public attention since the very beginning of its launch. We were looking forward to the alignment of the telescope mirrors and the commissioning of scientific instruments due to cooling to ultra-low temperatures. These processes culminated in an extremely clear image of the Large Magellanic Cloud taken by the MIRI instrument in the mid-infrared range. Despite the fact that it was only a test raw image, it stunned everyone by how clear it was compared to images from other space telescopes.

Comparison of the same area taken by WISE, Spitzer and JWST

The photos published on July 12, 2022, will become a real sensation. These will be full-fledged, detailed and color images of James Webb’s scientific goals. Together with these first images, the JWST team publishes the results of 120-hour observations of exoplanets and the deep Universe.

Recall that James Webb in the first year of its work will explore the black hole in the center of the Milky Way.

According to Phys

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