Compact Starlink Mini proves to be more expensive than a standard satellite internet receiver

SpaceX has introduced Starlink Mini, a portable version of satellite internet that fits in a backpack. The Starlink Mini kit is on sale for $599, which is $100 more than the standard kit.

Starlink Mini

Subscribers can add Mini Roam service to their plan for an additional $30 per month, limiting data to 50GB and download speeds can exceed 100Mbps. Thus, a user of the standard plan will spend $150 per month. SpaceX plans to reduce the price of the kit, but there is no separate Mini Roam plan yet.

According to a company announcement, their goal is to make Starlink available to people in hard-to-reach areas of the world. In high-use areas, the Starlink Mini is on sale in limited quantities for $599. The Mini antenna weighs just over a kilogram, which is 60% of the weight of a standard Starlink antenna.

The first Starlink Mini will go on sale in July, and the service will be of particular interest to travelers. Elon Musk noted that the Mini could be a great backup internet connection in the event of a landline outage.

Starlink is a popular SpaceX product that operates on over 6,000 satellites placed in orbit. The service already has more than 3 million customers in 100 countries.

We previously reported on how SpaceX had problems with its next-generation Starlink satellites.

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