Astrophotographer takes stunning image of Strawberry Moon

Astrophotographer Andrew McCarthy has published an impressive new image of a celestial body. This time he took a picture of the Strawberry Moon.

Strawberry Moon. Source: Andrew McCarthy

To take the photo, McCarthy used two telescopes and two cameras. The resolution of the original version of the image is 85 megapixels. The colors of the image correspond to what the human eye would see, but at the same time they are more saturated, which allows you to consider different shades on the lunar surface. They correspond to different types of minerals.

What is a Strawberry Moon?

Strawberry moon is the name of the first summer full moon. It came to us from Native Americans. The name is due to the fact that the appearance of the full Moon in June coincided with the strawberry harvest season. 

Strawberry Moon. Source: Andrew McCarthy

Other full moons have similar traditional names. They vary depending on the region. For example, the June full moon is also called the Lotus Moon (Chinese), the Green Corn Moon (Cherokee) and the Cold Moon (in the southern hemisphere, where it is the height of winter at this time). 

There is also the concept of a Blue Moon. When speaking about the cases when within one month you can see two full moons at once. The next such event will take place in August this year.

This is not the first spectacular Moon shot made by Andrew McCarthy.He recently posted an image showing the ISS transit over the Tycho crater.

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