Time to conquer space. Ukraine’s first virtual rocket modeling competitions started

Noosphere Space Games online rocket modeling competition “Time to conquer space” has started in Ukraine. Participants will design and launch their own virtual spacecraft in a simulation game.

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Similar competitions will be held in Ukraine for the first time. The competition uses an original video game — Kerbal Space Program (USA), one of the most successful space flight simulators. Participants will compete for a prize pool of USD 1,000, participation in the competition is free.

The organizers were the public organization “Noosphere Association” and the Rocket Model Sports Federation of Ukraine with the support of the Kerbal Space Program.

Special skills or previous experience in rocket modeling are not required to participate in online competitions: Anyone can cope by applying knowledge from the school course of physics, astronomy and mathematics.

In the Kerbal Space Program, players control the space program of an alien race known as the Kerbals. Players have access to a number of parts to build a fully functional spacecraft that flies on the basics of realistic aerodynamic and orbital physics.

Screenshots from the computer simulator Kerbal Space Program

Kerbal Space Program has three game modes. In scientific mode, you can conduct space experiments to unlock new technologies and expand the knowledge of Kerbalkind. In career mode, you need to control every aspect of the space program, including construction, financing strategy, upgrades, and so on. In the “sandbox” mode, players have the opportunity to create any spacecraft they can think of, with all the parts and technologies available in the game.

“The game implementation in the Kerbal Space Program is very similar to the real process of designing and launching a spacecraft. Participants should take into account air resistance, the mass of the spacecraft, fuel consumption, gravity, atmospheric braking. But the main thing is to save the lives of astronauts,” says Denys Khmil, Secretary General of the Rocket Modeling Sports Federation of Ukraine.

These competitions will continue the tradition of rocket modeling tournaments organized by the joint organization of the NGO “Noosphere Association”, co-founded by Max Poliakov, a Ukrainian businessman with experience in space and IT technologies, engineering and the Rocket Modeling Sports Federation of Ukraine, but, unfortunately, under martial law.

“There is a war going on in the country, but we cannot leave Ukrainian youth without opportunities to develop their potential. Our global goal is to create an environment in which everyone can apply existing knowledge and learn new ones. Thanks to this tournament, we want to show young people how spacecraft are actually built, to make them fall in love with space. And sometime, they will build their own,” says Olha Zyma, the head of social projects of the NGO “Noosphere Association”.

Screenshots from the computer simulator Kerbal Space Program
Screenshots from the computer simulator Kerbal Space Program
Screenshots from the computer simulator Kerbal Space Program
Screenshots from the computer simulator Kerbal Space Program

Children and teenagers – from the youngest to 14 years old – can take part in the competitions.

You can apply and get acquainted with the terms of participation through a special website — noospherespace.games. The mission tasks will be available on July 27, after the team registration stage. 

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