The EU agrees to share classified satellite images with Ukraine

Bloomberg reports that the European Union has approved an agreement that allows sharing of classified information with Ukraine. This includes satellite images.

The EU has agreed to share satellite images with Ukraine. Source:

The EU agrees to share photos with Ukraine

The European Union has signed an agreement with Ukraine that allows the direct sharing of classified information. This was reported on March 23 by the Bloomberg news agency, citing its own sources. Such information, in particular, includes satellite images.

EU ambassadors learned about it on March 22. The agreement will be valid for a year with the possibility of its extension in the future. There is no official information or details about it yet.

Why Ukraine needs so many satellite images

Ukraine is already receiving a large number of satellite images from its Western partners. What exactly these pictures are, and who provides them is not disclosed for obvious reasons. They are an important part of controlling the situation during the Russian-Ukrainian war.

The only thing known is that most of the images are provided by private satellite operators such as Maxar Technologies. However, their images are not secret, and they are readily used by various news agencies. The European Union does not have large intelligence networks, but its members have their own observation satellites.

It seems that Ukraine is fully provided with pictures, but this is not the case. For a country of more than 600,000 square kilometers, even thousands of pictures a day are just a matter of finding out the military situation every few hours. And modern highly maneuverable warfare ideally requires real-time enemy tracking.

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