TESS telescope entered safe mode

The TESS Space Telescope has entered safe mode. This is stated in a message published on the NASA website.

TESS in the artist’s image. Source: NASA

The failure of TESS occurred on October 10. According to preliminary data, its navigation computer spontaneously rebooted. This led to the observatory switching to safe mode. As a result, TESS did not have time to transmit the results of the latest observations to Earth. Before exiting safe mode, they will be stored in its onboard memory.

The mission’s specialists are currently investigating the causes of the incident. According to their estimates, it may take several days to restore the normal operation of the observatory.

The TESS telescope was launched in April 2018. It is designed to search for exoplanets using the transit method. During its work, it has discovered over 250 confirmed extrasolar worlds. Another 4,000 are still on the list of candidates.

According to https://www.nasa.gov

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