SpaceX introduces Internet restriction via Starlink

Users of the Starlink satellite Internet from Elon Musk received very unpleasant news. According to SpaceX’s new policy on the use of Internet traffic, Musk is going to impose a strict restriction on user service if they use more than 1 TB (1024 GB) of data per month. Of course, this may seem like a fairly large volume. But such 1 ТВ per month is spent quickly enough, if you like to download modern games, or watch movies via Netflix in the highest quality 4K HDR.

Starkink satellites in the artist’s image. Source: SpaceX

If the user of the satellite service exceeds this limit, the company will intentionally slow down the operation of its services. Such a user will be automatically transferred from the faster “Priority Access” to the “Basic Access”, with a slower speed and a longer connection. Next, SpaceX offers to purchase a package with additional gigabytes to stay online without interruptions.

“Starlink is a limited resource. In order to serve as many people as possible with high-speed Internet, we must manage the network to balance the supply of Starlink with the demand of users,” SpaceX said in a statement, which responds to the problems of the organization’s growth.

According to the company, the changes will affect only about 10% of the service’s users. It is this amount that exceeds the monthly mark of 1 ТВ. Thus, 90% of Starlink customers will not experience any restrictions in use.

Starlink and Ukraine

About 150 thousand users in Ukraine use the satellite service every day. SpaceX’s Starlink Internet remains vital for Ukrainians in those regions that remained disconnected during the Russian invasion.

SpaceX started sending Starlink terminals to Ukraine in February. Although the deployment of the service in our country was originally planned no earlier than 2023, satellite Internet eventually appeared on the territory of Ukraine much earlier. Probably, the US government subsidized the operation of sending Starlink terminals and services. The US military has already been pleasantly surprised by how well the satellite Internet from SpaceX has performed in the conditions of the Russian-Ukrainian war.

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