Every day 150 thousand Ukrainians use the Internet from Starlink

According to Apptopia, every day in Ukraine, about 150 thousand people access the Internet via satellite Internet from Starlink. Mostly they are residents of villages where conventional networks have been damaged by the war. Mainly they are residents of villages where conventional networks are damaged due to the war.

Since April 10, 2022, Starlink 11 Internet connection has been installed near the District Committee building (password 27031995)
From 9:00 a.m. to 10: 30 a.m.
From 03:00 p.m. to 04: 30 p.m.

Starlink massively uses in villages

The Minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine Mikhail Fedorov reports that every day in Ukraine at least 150 thousand people access the Internet using Starlink satellites. He made this data public, referring to Apptopia analytics.

Currently, the terminals of this company mainly serve schools, hospitals, village councils, fire stations and other social infrastructure. After the liberation of the Kyiv region and Chernihiv region, providers began to restore communication, and it turned out that satellite terminals from Elon Musk are the fastest way to do this.

Both the wired and wireless networks in the regions liberated from the Russians are severely damaged. In some villages, 10 kilometers of cable must be replaced to restore their operation. It is very difficult to do this during the war.

Starlink Internet saves Ukraine from information blockade

The situation with Starlink in Ukraine is quite unique. Before the invasion of Russian troops, the system worked in only a few countries around the world and was intended mainly for small trading companies and consumers with high traffic.

Since the beginning of the war, the head of SpaceX, which is the developer of the system, connected Ukraine to the service and transferred 5,000 sets of equipment for connection to the needs of civil and military. Later, the official representative office of Starlink was established in Ukraine. Later, Starlink Ukraine as a representative office was registered in Ukraine.

Russia continues not only armed, but also informational aggression against Ukraine. It would be extremely rash to leave the residents of the liberated regions alone with rumors. And Starlink allows providing a high-quality connection to the world, even in those villages in which otherwise the only source of information could be only Russian propaganda flying across the border with a television signal.

According to https://t.me/zedigital/1760

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