Ukraine is in constant contact with Elon Musk regarding the Starlink connection

Oleksii Reznikov assures that Ukrainian officials are in direct contact with Elon Musk. All questions about the continued use of the Starlink system, including financial ones, will be resolved.

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Ukraine keeps in touch with Elon Musk

Defense Minister of Ukraine Oleksii Reznikov said that Ukraine is constantly in contact with billionaire Elon Musk and is ready to solve all problems. Earlier, the owner of SpaceX made very ambiguous statements, in which he even repeated several theses of Russian propaganda. For this, he was subjected to crushing criticism from many people.

From a practical point of view, Musk’s claims lie in the financial sphere. Since the beginning of the armed aggression, his company has supplied 20 thousand Starlink terminals to Ukraine. They have become a strong support for the fight against Russian aggression in the information space.

But it cost Starlink USD 100 million, which neither the American nor the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense reimbursed the Mask. This made him doubt the further supply of his services to a country subjected to a hostile invasion. However, then the billionaire said that he continues to finance Starlink in Ukraine, but the feeling of misunderstanding remained on all sides.

According to Reznikov, the Minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine Mykhailo Fedorov is constantly in direct contact with Musk and has repeatedly thanked him for the supply of satellite dishes. He is very positive about his communication with Musk and is sure that there will be no problems with him.

What are the options for resolving the dispute over Starlink?

Reznikov said that if the issue is only about money, then Ukraine will find a way to solve it. He pointed out that there are at least three possible ways. The first is to finance the Pentagon. The second is that the money will be allocated by European states. The third one provides for payment for communication services by private investors.

The Pentagon generally agrees with this vision of the situation. Its representatives add that if they take over part or all of the costs, then funding can be provided through the Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative, through which weapons are being supplied. 

In addition, Lithuanian Foreign Minister Gabrielius Landsbergis called for the creation of a coalition of European states to finance Starlink satellite communications in Ukraine.

In addition, if it is not possible to reach an agreement with Musk, his company is the largest, but not the only provider of satellite services in Ukraine. Viasat also provides the country with its support. But in any case, Ukraine hopes to continue cooperation with Elon Musk.

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