Satellites shows the trenches that the Russians are digging in the Crimea

OSINT researcher Benjamin Pittet has published satellite images of holes and trenches that the Russians have dug in Crimea over the past few months. Defensive fortifications are also being built in the south of the Kherson Oblast.

Fresh trenches of the Russian army, Source: Planet Labs

Russians dig trenches in Crimea

Independent OSINT researcher Benjamin Pittet posted photos of the north of Crimea on his Twitter. They show holes and trenches that the Russians began to dig in these places. The source of the images are the satellites of Planet Labs

The researcher posted a couple of pictures of the checkpoint “Chonhar”, which date from August 12 and October 8 and showed that it was during this period that the armed forces of the occupiers began to restore the old trenches that they used before the large-scale invasion and create new ones. 

Another image obtained by satellites of the same company and dated November 5 shows that the same thing is happening near Armyansk. The pictures even got an excavator, which was tearing off new fortifications just at the time of filming.

What does it mean?

Pittet also published a photo of the village of Novotroits’ke, which is also located near the isthmus, but already from the occupied Kherson Oblast. They show a huge new position created at the end of October.

Fortification near Armyansk. Source: Planet Labs

Such fortification activity of the Russians in the territories that have supposedly become their deep rear for a long time may seem strange and even suggest that they are ready to hold the line of defense there.

One could be glad that the Russians are going to leave most of the occupied territories and hold the defense only in the Crimea, but they have repeatedly demonstrated their tendency to lie. It is quite possible that in this way they simply put to sleep the attentiveness of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

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