Satellite images of Olenivka: Russia dug graves in advance

Satellite images of the prison colony in Olenivka appeared on the network. They show fresh graves that appeared before the shelling. This may indicate that the Russians were preparing to kill the Ukrainian military in advance.

The main block of the prison in Olenivka. Source: Maxar Technologies

Fresh graves on satellite images

Benjamin Strick, Director of Investigations at the British Center for Information Resilience (CIR), posted pictures of the prison colony in Olenivka on his Twitter account on Sunday. The photos were taken by Maxar Technologies satellites before and after a rocket and artillery strike was carried out on this object.

They show that the Ukrainian military were mostly kept in the main building of the prison. And the building destroyed by the explosions, in which the bodies were found, stands far from this place and seems to be outside the guarded perimeter.

But that’s not all. Independent OSINT investigator Oliver Alexander saw in the photos presented graves that were dug at least as early as July 27, that is, two days before Russia announced the death of the Ukrainian military.

Fresh graves in Olenivka. Source:

According to the researcher, the presence of fresh graves in POW camps is quite acceptable. But their large number and its coincidence with the specified number of victims suggest that the explosion is nothing more than a cover for war crimes.

Russian war crimes

A little later, Alexander, based on the analysis of other images, concluded that the graves were dug between July 18 and 21, that is, more than a week before the claimed death of the Ukrainian military. And already on the 29th, that is, literally a few hours after the explosion, they were buried.

He also underlined once again that in the pictures taken before the explosion, there is no evidence that prisoners were ever held in the destroyed building at all. Russia continues to insist that about 50 Ukrainian soldiers were killed on the night of July 29 due to shelling from HIMARS systems.

Earlier in the pictures, Maxar Technologies had already tracked Russia’s crimes committed during the invasion of Ukraine. This was the case in Bucha, where a mass grave was found, and in Mariupol, where the number of fresh graves increased in accordance with how the invaders destroyed the city. It seems that now space technologies can help prove that the so-called DPR tortured and killed the Ukrainian military, and is now trying to hide it.

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