Russia loses access to the German telescope and does not fly to the Moon

The deputy head of Roscosmos announced the suspension of the project of a flight to the Moon. At the same time, a statement was made by Russian scientists that access to the German eROSITA telescope was closed to them. 

Yenisei rocket is not flying to the moon. Source:

Roscosmos does not fly to the Moon

On June 13, the Executive Director for Science of the Roscosmos Corporation, Alexander Bloshenko, announced the suspension of the Moon flight project. According to him, Russia is now continuing work on a new Soyuz-5 carrier, but the superheavy Yenisei rocket, which is supposed to deliver astronauts to the Moon, will not fly very soon. 

Instead of trying to reach the Moon, Roscosmos will focus on “more urgent issues”: military assistance and observation of the Earth’s surface. It is quite possible that after this organization has severed all ties with Western partners, they are counting on the Chinese. They have their own lunar program and it is quite possible that they will take Russians with them.

It should be noted that in April of this year, after numerous crimes on the territory of Ukraine and the reaction to them, the Russian president announced that the first Yenisei would launch from the Vostochny cosmodrome by 2035. Although even before that, experts stated that the project was suspended indefinitely.

Russians are not allowed to work on a German telescope

Simultaneously with Bloshenko statement, it became known that Russian scientists had lost access to the eROSITA X-ray telescope located on the Spektr-RG apparatus. This was stated by the head of the Space Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Academician Lev Zelenyi.

“No one will turn it on… There are technical problems with this inclusion, with commands, codes. Roscosmos said to sort it out, but it’s a long story,” he said. Zelenyi also claims that German scientists want to turn on eROSITA.

eROSITA telescope. Source: Wikipedia

It should be noted that the Spectrum-RG orbital observatory is a common project of the EU and Russia. It houses two X-ray telescopes. eROSITA belongs to the European Space Agency, and ART-X belongs to Roscosmos. 

With the beginning of the war in Ukraine, the Europeans closed access to eROSITA to the Russians. But the head of Roscosmos, Dmitry Rogozin, gave the order to try to connect to it illegally. And this caused discontent even Zelenyi. 

Currently, the head of the Institute of Space Research states that he and Rogozin agreed that it is necessary to act cautiously and not in a hurry. Russian scientists will be satisfied with the ART-X data for now and will expect that circumstances will change.

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