Roscosmos will no longer produce sledges

One of the subsidiaries of the corporation “Roscosmos” RCC “Progress” will no longer produce children’s sledges. Their production together with other consumer goods was carried out for several years. Now they promise military products instead.

The green sledge of Progress. Source:

The Progress sledge is no longer riding

The Progress Rocket and Space Center, located in the Russian city of Samara, has discontinued children’s sledges. According to the management of the enterprise, this vehicle has been sold only from the warehouse for some time. Now its production will be finally curtailed.

Progress is part of the Roscosmos corporation headed by the odious Dmitry Rogozin, who is known for threatening NATO to monitor them. At the same time, for some reason, he does not monitor his production facilities, which have been forced to switch to the production of conversion products for several years.

In particular, the same RCC Progress, in addition to sledges, has been producing medical disposable syringes, boats, motor boats and machines for forming bagels for several years. Of course, NASA engineers also often adapt their space technologies for terrestrial needs, but it doesn’t look like that at all.

Diversification of production from Dmitry Rogozin

RCC Progress is the enterprise that produces the Soyuz spacecraft. But, like the entire Roscosmos, it came under sanctions because of the invasion of Putin’s troops in Ukraine. Now they are sitting without Western orders and without foreign equipment. 

Under these conditions, Rogozin began to talk about the diversification of production. In his opinion, Roscosmos can make a giant leap and start creating magnetic resonance imaging devices instead of sledges. Taking into account the age of the leadership of the aggressor state and rumors about the health status of its leader, this initiative is quite understandable. 

What remains less clear is who was hindered by the Progress sledge. Perhaps their production took up too many intellectual resources needed to create Sarmat missiles. And it is possible that the Russians, knowing the quality of everything that Rogozin produces, refused to buy from him even such a time-tested means of transportation.

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