Perseverance finds a Martian “snake skin”

Perseverance finds a lot of interesting things on the surface of Mars. Recently, it found its parachute of the descent system to the surface, some debris left over from parts of the spacecraft or interesting stones. The other day, the rover noticed another interesting find – a grid resembling a Martian “snake skin”.

The Martian “snake skin”, which is the remains of the Sky Crane

The Network immediately began to put forward versions of what kind of subject it was. So, Professor Paul Byrne of Washington University in St. Louis joked that this is the skin of a xenomorph – an extraterrestrial race from the film universe of “Aliens”. There were also options about the skin of a Martian snake, or even a string bag for vegetables.

In fact, the find was not an alien reptile, but fragments of a Sky Crane – a landing system that gently lowered Perseverance to the surface, and then flew away and crashed. The remnants of the shell scattered on the surface are sometimes found in the rover. This find was discovered 2 kilometers from the Perseverance landing site.

The image was taken by the right camera MastCam-Z on June 23 or on the 477 sol mission. It is assumed that the size of the find is about 8 cm.

Earlier, the “passenger” on Perseverance hitchhiked on Mars for four months in a row.

According to IflScience

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