Millionaire Dennis Tito ordered a flight to the Moon from SpaceX

SpaceX reported that they received orders for another mission around the Moon for a rich thrill-seeker. Two places on the future Starship spacecraft were bought by the American multimillionaire Dennis Tito, who was the world’s first space tourist on the International Space Station in 2001. Dennis paid for a week-long expedition to the moon for himself and his wife Akiko.

American millionaire Dennis Tito

But tickets do not guarantee a flight on the first trip. The mission will take place only after SpaceX fulfills its commitment to launch billionaires Jared Isaac and Yusaku Maezawa. The last one actually bought a whole flight for himself and a group of artists, buying all 12 seats.

“The mission is currently open to recruiting tourists to register 10 more people,” Dennis Tito said. He added that he does not expect a flight in the near future. According to the millionaire, first SpaceX must make several Starship launches to make sure of its reliability, and then somewhere in the next decade there will be a window for the spouses to travel together with ten other passengers. At the same time, Tito refused to mention the amount of the ticket to the moon.

Dennis Tito as part of the Soyuz TM-32 crew on the ISS. Photo: Wikipedia

Millionaire Dennis Tito is a former NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory scientist who later became an investment banker. He has always been fond of space, so flying as a space tourist in 2001 was his cherished dream come true. Then he paid USD 20 million for the flight. But he never thought that he would have another chance to return to space and fulfill another of his cherished dreams — to fly to the moon.

Now the millionaire is 82 years old. The first flight of Starship will take place no earlier than 2025. And the first tourist trips to space on a SpaceX spacecraft will take place in the next decade, therefore, Tito will be about 90 years old when he will have the opportunity to fly to the Moon. But at this age, extreme flights carry risks for deterioration of health. On the other hand, actor William Shatner was 90 when he made his Blue Origin flight to the edge of space and returned unharmed.

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