How to see the Strawberry Moon in 2024

June 22 will be the next Full Moon of 2024. Traditionally in English-speaking countries it is called Strawberry Moon. It is believed that this is the time of the strawberry harvest. Whether this is actually true, as well as what and how on this day you can observe in the sky, you will learn from this article.

Strawberry Moon

June Full Moon

On June 22, astronomy enthusiasts around the world will enjoy another full moon. It’s called the Strawberry Moon. Of course, the Moon will not get any special color during it. According to the generally accepted version, the name comes from wild strawberries, which are actively ripening in the forests of North America during this period.

In fact, similar to all such names, Strawberry Moon was first mentioned in the Old Farmer’s Almanac in the 1930s. The fact is that all the names of full moons gradually began to spread first in the United States, and then, in the XXI century, in Ukraine.

It is not known whether any of the autochthonous peoples really called the June full moon that way. For sure, they had other names that were common: Hot, or Green Corn Moon. On the European continent, however, it may also have been called Flower, Rose or Horse.

Old Farmer’s Almanac

By the way, the expression “honeymoon”, which now refers to the post-marital life of newlyweds, could originally refer to this particular full moon. However, it is quite possible that the names for the wedding ritual and astronomical phenomenon could have appeared quite independently.

As for strawberries, the fact that it is now its maximum harvest, can be convinced by anyone who has a vegetable garden or market near the house. So the name “Strawberry Moon” is quite suitable. Although it is worth noting that the phase of our moon has no effect on the plants: they bear fruit throughout June, regardless of whether there is a sickle in the sky or a disk.

What will happen during the June Full Moon

The maximum phase of the Strawberry Moon will occur on Saturday, June 22, at 4:08 a.m. UTC. This time it will be neither a super full moon nor a micro full moon, meaning the Moon will be far from both the apogee and perigee of its orbit. Eclipses and other phenomena are not to be expected either.

The main thing that will make this full moon interesting is that the Moon will be a record low above the horizon in the Northern Hemisphere. This is due to the proximity of the full moon in time to the summer solstice.

In such conditions, the Moon can actually take on a reddish color in some places. However, this is highly dependent on atmospheric conditions as it is determined by the presence of dust in the atmosphere. Most likely, our moon will remain white or yellowish.

Moon in the sky on the night of June 22nd

In the vast majority of regions of Ukraine it will be difficult to observe the Moon during its maximum phase on June 22. And the matter here is not only that, for example, it will come in Kyiv only 16 minutes before sunrise, that is, actually at dusk. Our moon will be either already hidden behind the horizon at this time, or just about to set behind it. The situation will be a little better in Lviv and Transcarpathia, but even there the Moon will hang over the horizon.

But you don’t need all that to admire the full moon. After all, the Moon on June 21 will rise at 10 p.m. and will be visible all night. However, it will be located quite low above the southern horizon.

By the way, the fact that the Moon will be so low above the horizon is not identical to the statement that it will be close to the Earth, because this situation is caused by the inclination of its orbit relative to the Earth’s equator, not by the position of this body in orbit. So there is no need to fear that it will fall on our strawberry bed.