Digital copy of humanity may be left on the Moon

Scientists have proposed to create a storage facility on the Moon for all important information on Earth. A digital copy of all the treasures of civilization and biological information in the event of a global catastrophe will help restore civilization.

The concept of information storage on the Moon. Source:

Information storage on the Moon

NASA plans to implement the Artemis program in the coming years. It involves not just the return of humanity to the moon, but also the beginning of the creation of settlements and various objects useful for science and economics on its surface.

Scientists from Harvard and Wisconsin Universities propose to build a huge data warehouse. According to the researchers, global risks, such as the COVID-19 pandemic or the war in Ukraine, which risks developing into a global nuclear conflict on Russia’s initiative, can easily destroy civilization on Earth. It will be extremely difficult to restore it. 

The authors of the study see the main tool for recovering the lost as a repository in which all the most important scientific, technological and economic information of mankind, a digital copy of works of art, as well as some biological data should be placed. 

Digital copy of human civilization

The task is extremely ambitious. After all, it is planned to transfer not only encyclopedic knowledge to the repository, but also copies of all films, paintings, books and musical works. In addition, a digital copy of the human genomes and all the species about which humanity has managed to obtain this information should also be stored there.

In fact, we are talking about creating a kind of digital copy of humanity. The authors of the study estimate the volume of all this information as 1.07*1016 bytes. This is approximately equal to the capacity of 20 thousand hard drives on modern computers. According to scientists, this amount of data can be transferred to the moon in 1-2 years.

Scientists emphasize that this project is being created not because we are about to die, but because politicians need to realize the vulnerability of humanity. Therefore, implementation is possible only by joint efforts of all countries.

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