Began the hunt for the author of the clearest UFO photo in history

The mystery of the UFO phenomenon haunts the world community, which still wants to get a rational explanation. Every year, new evidence from observers appears, but, as a rule, the UFO photos taken turn out to be of very poor quality: blurred and pixelated, on which it is often difficult to recognize unidentified flying objects. But recently, the clearest photo of a UFO was published, which was considered lost for more than 30 years.

It is believed that this “Calvine photo” is the clearest picture of a UFO in history. Photo: Daily Mail

The photograph, called “Calvine photo”, was obtained in August 1990 by unknown tourists about 60 kilometers northwest of Perth in Scotland, who transmitted six images to the local newspaper Daily Record. But instead of publishing them, the publication handed over the images to the UK Ministry of Defense, where they disappeared.

It is believed that eyewitnesses took six photos of the mysterious military aircraft before it accelerated to a tremendous speed and disappeared.

Confidential by 2076

According to the standard protocol, the secrecy stamp from the images should be removed in 30 years – in 2021. But the British authorities hid the original photo and witness names until 2076, citing “privacy concerns”. However, British journalist David Clarke discovered that former Royal Air Force (RAF) press officer Craig Lindsay had secretly kept a copy of one of the photographs.

Royal Air Force officer Craig Lindsay shows a photo of a 30-year-old UFO, which he called “one of the best in the world”. Photo: Daily Mail

“As a press officer for Scotland, I dealt with many UFO reports but most were just of lights in the sky. It was obvious this one was different. When I asked what sort of noise it had made, the man said, ‘It didn’t make any noise at all,” Lindsay told the Daily Mail.

UFO or secret plane?

Two objects are visible in the “Calvine photo”. One is a diamond-shaped UFO, and the other is a Harrier jet aircraft accompanying an unidentified object.

Associate Professor of Sheffield Hallam University Andrew Robinson, who is well versed in photography, is sure that the picture is real and is not a fake. But if there really was a solid object floating in the sky, then what could it be? But it is unlikely that this is an “extraterrestrial guest”.

“I do not think that mysterious aircraft arrived from another galaxy. I believe it was man-made somewhere in a secret hangar,” explains David Clarke.

Since the mid-1980s, there have been rumors about an American reconnaissance aircraft of the US Air Force called the Aurora. For years, there have only been rumors from the category of urban legends, but “Calvine photo” fuels the myth of a secret plane.

Hunting for a photographer

Despite all the efforts of journalists and UFO hunters, two young tourists who witnessed the flight of a mysterious plane could not be tracked down. However, on the copy of the photo that Clarke received, there are the words: “copyright of Kevin Russell”.

“Despite 10 months of work to find and identify more than 200 Kevin Russells in the UK and abroad, we could not find our photographer. Two reliable sources told me that the witnesses were “advised” not to tell anyone about what they saw, they were guaranteed complete confidentiality of their identity. We will probably never solve this mystery,” Clarke says.

The Daily Mail journalist does not lose hope and continues to hunt for the real authors of the photo in the hope of finding the truth of the UFO phenomenon.

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