The US Navy has many UFO videos

At the request of a website that publishes information about UFOs, representatives of the American Navy said that they have many records of strange objects. But they won’t show them because of national security reasons.

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The US Navy recognizes the existence of UFOs

The official spokesman of the US Navy confirmed on September 7 that this department has a lot of videos containing unidentified flying machines, or, as they are called by the US military, undefined aerial phenomena. And these records have not been published anywhere until now.

Back in 2020, The Black Vault website, known for its UFO investigations, decided to take advantage of the Freedom of Information Act. It was this media that at one time posted dozens of pages of military documents devoted to uncertain air phenomena and three videos with them. The site sent a request to the Navy, whether they have any additional videos about this and whether they can be made public.

For more than two years, the Navy did not respond to this request, but last week decided to satisfy it. According to the military, they have a lot of UFO videos that no civilian has seen so far. But they will not be published in the coming years.

Activity of the US military

Even those three videos that made a lot of noise at the time, the Navy was able to publish only because they had previously been in the media. But this does not mean that the military itself does not react to their presence in any way. On the contrary, in the spring they recognized that UFOs exist, that it is dangerous and incomprehensible.

At the same time, American intelligence promised to declassify the data, and the Pentagon created a unit that would coordinate activities in this direction. At the hearings in the US Defense Ministry, it was reported that from 2004 to 2021, pilots observed unidentified aerial phenomena 144 times. And recently NASA began to study UFOs intensively.

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