Astronaut Scott Kelly is chosen to study the mystery of UFOs

NASA management has chosen a team of 16 scientists and experts trying to solve the mystery around unidentified flying objects, better known as UFOs. The independent study began on Monday, October 24. The group included experts in many disciplines: astrobiology, oceanography, genetics, politics and planetary science, as well as retired NASA astronaut Scott Kelly.

NASA in 9 months will try to explain the mystery of the UFO phenomenon. Image: Science Alert

The established team will review documented data from civil government agencies, commercial organizations and other sources for 9 months. According to NASA, the results will be made public in mid-2023, and the study focuses on how this data can be analyzed for the study of unidentified flying objects, which the space agency calls unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP). No more than 100 thousand dollars have been allocated for the project.

NASA astronaut Scott Kelly. Photo: The New York Times

The team will search for data on mysterious events in the sky that cannot be scientifically identified as airplanes or known natural phenomena. Understanding this data is crucial, which will help us eventually make scientific conclusions about what is happening in our sky,” said Thomas Zurbuchen, associate administrator of the Science Mission Directorate at NASA headquarters.

According to the space agency, the study of this secret is important, because it concerns aviation and national security. But for all the time, no evidence has been received that UFOs are of extraterrestrial origin.

Finding Life

The Space Agency has long had the task of finding life in other places. Therefore, astrobiological programs are part of NASA’s focus. Currently, the Mars Perseverance rover is looking for signs of ancient life that could once have existed on the Red Planet, while future missions are being developed to search for signs of life in the ocean worlds of our Solar System, for example, on Jupiter’s icy moon Europa.

Given the problems of national and aviation security, scientists want to review documented UFO sightings and establish whether they are natural, or they need to be explained in another way. Of course, for the entire existence of the phenomenon of unidentified flying objects, they are already perceived disdainfully and frivolously, as not related to academic science. But Zurbuchen insists that he categorically opposes such a frivolous attitude.

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