Battle for Mars: Dated the third season of the series “For All Mankind”

The battle for the right to conquer Mars will begin next month with the return of the critically acclaimed series For All Mankind from Sony Pictures Television, which is released exclusively on Apple TV Plus.

The series tells about an alternative space story in which the United States lost the space race to the USSR and the first Soviet man landed on the Moon. To prove its technological superiority, NASA decided to be the first to establish a colony on the Earth’s moon, but this resulted in a fierce confrontation between the Americans and their main enemy of the Cold War. Despite the fantastic pseudo-historical plot, the series pays great attention to details to make everything look realistic: no sounds in space, real models of spacecraft, even the influence of temperature, gravity and even solar radiation is taken into account.

Poster of the series For All Mankind

The first two seasons took place between 1969 and the 1980s. The third season jumps forward almost 10 years – in the early 1990s, when all the attention and scientific progress is aimed at reaching the Red Planet as quickly as possible. In the new season, Mars becomes a new frontier in the ongoing competition, but not only for the opposing nations, private space companies enter the race.

Few people know that in fact the first successful commercial space launch was carried out in 1982, 38 years before SpaceX sent the first astronauts on a private orbital space flight. SpaceX is currently implementing its plans to launch humans to Mars with its Starship spacecraft, which is still in development.

Shot from the TV series For All Mankind

Tellingly, the trailer teases fans of the series “For All Mankind” with who will be the first on Mars. Moreover, landing on the Red Planet is not the end – the pioneers will face many challenges to survive in a harsh world in which the search for water will be a priority. 

Actors Shantel Van Santen (Karen Baldwin), Sonya Walger (Molly Cobb), Cynthy Wu (Kelly Baldwin), Casey Johnson (Danny Jones) and Coral Pena (Aleida Rosales) will return in the third season of “For All Mankind”, which debuts on June 10. Each new episode will be released on Fridays until August 12, 2022. Each new episode will be released on Fridays until August 12, 2022.

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