The US has identified the Moon as a possible military confrontation zone

The US Space Forces declare that the Moon can become an arena for military confrontation. In the future, it is possible to place guards there. China is considered as a possible opponent.

The US Space Forces consider the Moon as a place of confrontation. Source:

Moon as a key territory for Space Troops

The United States Space Forces say they are preparing to carry out their tasks near the Moon. As NASA implements its plans for the peaceful development of our satellite, the military is going to work on security. To do this, they can place their objects in lunar orbits.

The 1967 Outer Space Treaty prohibits the deployment of military facilities on the Moon. Therefore, it can mainly be surveillance and tracking satellites. This task for the Space Forces is not as simple as it may seem. All existing systems are designed for use in Earth orbits. Therefore, it will be necessary to adapt them to large distances to the control center and new orbits.

At the same time, the commander of the Space Forces, John Raymond, has already called the Moon a key territory and hinted that objects on its surface will remain scientific, but guards can be placed there. While there are no current plans to send them to the Moon, there are also no problems with training astronauts for the military.

Moon Race with China

The civilian leader of the Space Forces, their secretary Frank Kendall, said that currently his department does not have any specific plans for a military presence on the Moon. However, the US Congress has already budgeted two military lunar programs. Their total cost is USD 131 million.

The main opponent on the Moon, the United States considers not Russia, which has recently been actively threatening to start a war in orbit, but China. Because the Celestial Empire has enough resources for viable missions to a natural moon. 

For a long time, people were sure that armed confrontation in space was in the past. However, a few months before the start of the Russian-Ukrainian war, the threat of using weapons in orbit became a reality again. And the US is forced to react to this.

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