Space Force: Will there be a continuation of the comedy series about space?

Almost two months ago, the second season of the Space Force parody series was released on Netflix. The authors of the series humorously beat the realities of US military programs. But whether to expect a third season is not  known yet.

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Space Force: Military space humor

Space exploration is a matter that should be taken as seriously as possible. Frivolity can turn into great damage. But people in this field do not mind joking at all, and Netflix directors are not averse to transferring these jokes to the screen. 

That’s how a TV series called Space Force appeared in 2020. In the center of the plot is the story of how in the United States it is decided to create a new branch of the armed forces, which is tasked with ensuring the advantage of the United States in space. As usual, the organization’s staff consists of cranks, and an eccentric four-star general commands all this.

The humor in the series is quite specific. This is not the usual gags and wordplay, but rather a mockery of real situations that have always been in the military space sphere. There are rocket accidents when “something goes wrong”, and the uneasy relations of strange bosses with equally strange subordinates, and absurd administrative games in high offices. 

Will there be a third season?

The second season of the series, released in early February of this year, judging by the reviews, turned out to be no worse than the previous one. There, the US government, in the best traditions of administrative idiocy, decided to eliminate the “comic forces” that it had generated itself. But General Mark R. Naird has become so accustomed to his subordinates that he does not want to hear about the termination of their activities.

In connection with the release of the second season, quite a serious space portal interviewed the director of the series Ken Kwapis. He said that in the new season he concentrated on showing the characters, and for this he not only kept the old actors, but also invited new ones.

However, Kwapis did not say whether the series would have a sequel. Both the audience and he would really want thit. But the final answer to this question can be obtained only after the project is funded. But money for unusual series is allocated just as reluctantly as for bold space programs.

More than a joke

Despite the fact that the series is comedic, the events that take place in it echo reality in several frightening ways. The US Space Command has always attracted the attention of many cranks in uniform and without. Moreover, it has been based on these cranks for decades. For example, the annual Santa Claus tracking joke.

And politicians are really used to using these strange troops mainly for PR. Because they simply could not find a better use. But the changes that took place even before the start of the Russian-Ukrainian war made the phrase “superiority in space” the central idea of preserving the security of the free world. And it is simply impossible to entrust this task to anyone other than the cranks from the “Space Force”. The series can also be considered as a successful PR company. After all, despite all the failings, the heroes have managed to save what is important to them for two seasons.

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