Artificial intelligence finds eight potential signals from extraterrestrial civilizations

When scanning the space with a new artificial intelligence algorithm, eight promising signals were detected that had potential signs of messages from extraterrestrial civilizations. The signals come from five stars at a distance of 30 to 90 light-years from Earth. Scientists claim that their signature is similar to artificial messages from alien life on other planets.

The mysterious signals may be artificial and originate from extraterrestrial civilizations. Image: Pinterest

Scientists have been researching technosignatures for years – space evidence of technologies such as radio frequencies. Their peculiarity is that they travel easily in space. But recently, scientists have used a machine based on artificial intelligence (AI) to help with the search. 

In a new report, researchers said that a new artificial intelligence system helped scientists decipher a lot of data coming from the Universe to Earth more efficiently than humans did. Especially valuable in the work of the algorithm is that artificial intelligence can weed out false technosignatures from different satellites or radio transmitters on Earth, which happened quite often before.

According to the researchers, promising “signals from extraterrestrial life”, previously unidentified, did not reappear during scans in the same area of space. Also, scientists do not hurry with premature conclusions about whether the received signals are really created by extraterrestrial intelligence. The researchers encouraged other scientists to continue exploring promising areas of space, hoping to discover their true source.

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According to The Sun

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