A moon-shaped hotel will be built on Earth for “space travel”

Landing on the surface of the Moon as part of the Artemis mission will not take place soon. But, if you are not the lucky one who got into the ranks of the first crew of the mission, you will still have a chance to visit our natural moon – Moon World Resorts will help. No, this is not a private space company that is going to launch tourist flights to our nearest neighbor. This is an architectural firm that wants to build a huge moon-like structure that will accommodate a hotel and a bunch of other entertainment. The building will be built in several cities around the world, including Las Vegas.

Moon Hotel in Dubai. Photo: Moon World Resorts

Moon Resort is the brainchild of Canadian entrepreneurs Michael Henderson and Sandra Matthews. Henderson told the Khaleej Times that Dubai will also receive a luxury lunar hotel. The author of the idea also said that the project is “large, very complex, but absolutely unique”.

Moon Hotel in Las Vegas. Photo: Moon World Resorts

Moon will consist of a huge sphere with a height of 224 meters and a circumference of 672 meters. By the beginning of the start of construction, some design features may change, but from the outside the building will resemble a real moon of the Earth. For this, Moon World Resorts strives to reproduce the details of the surface. Therefore, engineers will have to create a realistic lunar landscape with elements such as craters, mountains and valleys. Except that the unpleasant moon dust will have to be abandoned.

The interior of the Moon Hotel. Illustration: Moon World Resorts

But the interior will be given generous attention. Unlike the real Moon, the Moon World Resorts version will offer rooms, restaurants, a theater, a conference center, a casino (where legal), a nightclub and a spa. Some attractions will include a space theme, for example, a nightclub, in the center of which there will be a mock-up of a giant spacecraft. Another special department will offer visitors the opportunity to walk on the surface of the Moon, which will be very similar to the real one.

The interior structure of the Moon Hotel Moon. Illustration: Moon World Resorts

The construction of the Moon could cost USD 5 billion. Henderson said he expects to sign the first agreement by the end of this year, and the door for the first visitors will open in 2027. The first city where the lunar hotel will be built will be Dubai.

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