Super-powerful solar flare caused a red aurora over Europe

In recent days, our Sun has created a sufficient number of flares along with several coronal mass ejections. The consequences of such flares caused bright auroras spreading farther from the poles of the Earth than usual, reaching the northern regions of the United States and Europe.

Rare red aurora borealis in Northern Europe and Canada. Image credit: Mike McLellan

A stream of charged solar plasma reached Earth on February 16, overflowing the atmosphere with solar wind particles, which caused a rare red aurora that was visible in most of Canada, the northern regions of the United States and Europe. Space weather forecasters promise that Aurora will intensify even more in the coming days.

Twitter is already overflowing with images of skywatchers and recordings of amazing observations of the aurora borealis. The last wave was especially surprising because it shone in rare shades of red, which appeared as a result of a very high concentration of solar wind particles and penetrating deeper into the Earth’s atmosphere.

It is expected that the impact of the solar wind on the upper layers of the atmosphere will last until February 19. The aurora will become even more intense. Therefore, we can expect the observation of this phenomenon, which will be visible in the north of England and the USA.

To see the aurora borealis, you do not need special equipment, you just need a clear night sky. The US Space Weather Prediction Center suggests checking when the aurora may be visible in your area. Unfortunately, the bright northern show will not reach Ukraine.

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