SpaceX publishes the most beautiful photo of the rocket launch

The frequency of SpaceX launches from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida gives photographers many opportunities to train their skills in shooting rockets during launch in the hope of capturing something special. The company conducted its last launch at sunrise on January 18, and soon published some stunning images of its Falcon 9 rocket rising into space. The perfect time, weather conditions and the right angle did their job — this week, perhaps, the most beautiful photo of a rocket launch that had ever been taken was released. 

Photo of the launch of the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket during sunrise. Photo: SpaceX

The Falcon 9 rocket was delivering a GPS satellite into orbit for the US Space Forces. As always, SpaceX broadcasted the mission live using multiple video cameras to track the rocket that was heading into space. After separation, the first stage returned to Earth and made a perfect vertical landing on the unmanned ship A Shortfall of Gravitas, located in the Atlantic Ocean.

SpaceX Records

Earlier, the launch vehicle launched four Crew-5 astronauts to the International Space Station in October 2022. If it is safely returned to Earth, it means that it can be repaired and used for a future mission.

Last year, SpaceX broke its own record for the number of launches, sending 61 missions into the sky with its reliable Falcon 9 rocket. Given that 2023 is quite a busy year for the company, it is likely to carry out even more launches over the next 12 months. Therefore, we may soon see even more impressive images from SpaceX.

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