Falcon 9 launch and landing (video)

SpaceX has published a very spectacular video showing the first space mission of 2023. On it you can see the launch and landing of the Falcon 9 rocket.

The video was made on January 3. On that day, the Falcon 9 rocket sent 114 spacecraft into orbit, provided by various customers. Among them were two Ukrainian satellites PolyITAN-HP-30 and EOS SAT-1. The first device was assembled in KPI, the second belongs to EOS DA and is part of the constellation EOS SAT — the world’s first satellite constellation focused on agriculture.

After separation, the first stage of the Falcon 9 (its tail number B1060) had enough fuel left to return to Cape Canaveral. As a result, it made a successful landing on a special platform located near the launch table.

The record published by SpaceX demonstrates the entire flight cycle of the stage. We can see the launch, separation from the second stage, the release of aerodynamic stabilizers and the operation of orientation engines. The video is accelerated, in reality, 8.5 minutes have passed between launch and landing.

It is also worth noting that this was already the 15th flight for the B1060 stage. It visited space for the first time in June 2020.

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