Satellite images of the destroyed base of the invaders in Makiivka

Independent investigator Benjamin Pittet published satellite images of Planet Labs. They show the destroyed base of the Russian invaders in Makiivka. On New Year’s Eve, the Ukrainian Armed Forces launched a missile attack on it.

Ruins of Vocational Building School No. 19 in Makiivka. Source:

Satellite images of Vocational Building School in Makiivka

Independent OSINT investigator Benjamin Pittet on the evening of January 2 published images of the Russian base in the city of Makiivka before and after the Ukrainian Armed Forces launched a missile attack on it. It was located in the building of vocational school No. 19 among the private buildings of the city.

Two images were taken by a satellite of Planet Labs. The first of them dates back to the last days of 2022. Then the multi-storey building was intact. In the second image, taken on the first day of the new year, only a gray spot is visible in its place.

The images confirm the evidence of people that the Vocational Building School was completely destroyed. But they are not clear enough to consider all the details of what happened, not to mention the estimate of the death, as it was in the case of mass graves of victims of the Russian terror.

What happened?

The first reports that on New Year’s Eve the Ukrainian Armed Forces struck at Vocational Building School  No. 19 in Makiivka appeared in the early hours of January 1. It is known that the base of the Russian invaders was located in this building, and a version was immediately voiced that up to 600 invaders could have died, most of whom were recently mobilized.

Apparently, the Ukrainian Armed Forces struck with the help of the HIMARS multiple launch rocket system. The number of hits and the exact time remain debatable. It is only known that this happened either a few minutes before or a few minutes after the new year. Some sources also report hitting the vocational school building at exactly midnight.

The Russian side is recognized the death of only 63 people, but even local channels are talking about the death of at least several hundred. It was also reported about the detonation of an ammunition depot, which was located in the same vocational school.

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