Samantha Cristoforetti told what the ISS smells like

European Space Agency astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti said that there is always a rather specific smell on the ISS. She also told which parts of the station stink the worst.

How unpleasant does the ISS smell

In February 2022, astronaut Victor Glover told actor Tom Cruise that the International Space Station (ISS) has an unpleasant smell reminiscent of a hospital. And recently, an astronaut of the European Space Agency not only told in her tiktok about what she smalls in this space house, but also named the most unpleasant places. 

The smell that you feel on the ISS, immediately after arrival, Cristoforetti called “specific”. According to her, it reminded her of the first visit to the station. However, after a few days, the astronaut stopped noticing it.

At the same time, Cristoforetti noted that most of the unpleasant smells are still removed by the station’s filters. So in general, they are not really problematic at the station. Other astronauts repeatedly noted different smells on the ISS, for example, dust or ozone, but they did not talk about any global troubles for the nose.

Places which smell bad

At the same time, Cristoforetti named two places on the ISS where it really smells bad. And these places are quite traditional. The first is the Cygnus cargo spacecraft of Northrop Grumman Corporation. Astronauts recently loaded it with garbage to send to Earth, so it can really stink there.

Another source of unpleasant smells is the toilet of the space station. It is a system for processing urine into water. However, the waste from this process cannot be completely disposed of without emissions, so the stench that can be felt in any toilet on Earth is also present near this unit.

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