Perseid Meteor Shower 2022 in fascinating photos

This weekend, the Perseid 2022 meteor shower reached its peak. Moreover, in most of the territory, the sky was covered with clouds, so not everyone could have the opportunity to see this phenomenon. Fortunately, astrophotographers from all over the world recorded stunning views of the Perseid meteor shower on August 12-13, and shared photos online so that everyone could look at this fascinating phenomenon. We have compiled a selection of the best images of the meteor shower.

Perseid Meteor Shower of 2022

The Perseids are usually one of the best meteor “shows” of the year. But their peak in 2022 came only a day after the August full moon on August 11. While in Ukraine, observations were hindered by rains with clouds, in regions with clear skies, this was prevented by a clear Moon. And a dark sky is vital for observing meteors, because even bright moonlight can outshine most shooting stars.

The Perseids on August 12, 2022 in the Mongolian-Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Haixi, Qinghai Province in China.

Photographer Wu Zhengjie for the VCG photo service managed to capture stunning views of the Perseids in the Mongolian-Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Haixi, Qinghai Province in China. The images show the brilliant Perseid meteors over a striking landscape. Other photographers Veysel Altun and Ercin Ertuk from the Anadalou agency managed to capture the Perseid meteor streak over a camping site in Samsun and Ankara, Turkey.

View of the Perseid meteor shower over Ankara, Turkey, August 13, 2022. Image: Ercin Erturk/Anadolu Agency
Perseid meteor over Atakum district in Samsun, Turkey, August 13, 2022. Image: Veysel Altun/Anadolu Agency

More astrophotographers managed to capture the Perseids with their cameras, constantly watching the sky to capture the bright streams. Here’s a look at some of our favorites noticed on Twitter.

Annual Perseid Show

The Perseid meteor shower occurs annually in mid-August, when the Earth passes through the dust trail of comet Swift-Tuttle. When these remnants of a comet crash into the Earth’s atmosphere, they give birth to bright traces in the form of fiery streaks in the sky. To an observer, they look as if they are radiating from the constellation Perseus, hence their name.

The next big meteor shower of 2022 will be the Orionids meteor shower in October. The peak of this shower will be on October 20-21, but the period of its activity will last from September 26 to November 22. It is caused by the remnants of Halley’s comet as the Earth passes through the remnants of its wake.

Recall that earlier a record meteor was caught on video.

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