Pentagon refuses to release photos of downed UFOs

The Pentagon claims that records of the destruction of UFOs by military aircraft do exist. But the US Department of Defense refuses to publish them. The decision change came after a Chinese spy balloon was spotted by a U-2 spy plane and was eventually shot down. Before the destruction, the pilot of the reconnaissance aircraft managed to take a selfie with the balloon, made public in February.

The pilot of the U-2 Dragon Lady aircraft of the US Air Force took a selfie with a “UFO” — a likely Chinese spy balloon

Over the following weeks, three more unidentified flying objects were spotted and shot down in the sky. One over the Deadhorse in Alaska on February 10, then 24 hours later a UFO was spotted over the Yukon territory in Canada, and the last object was neutralized by a fighter at an altitude of 6 km over the Big Lakes on February 11. 

“Footage of aircraft interacting with unidentified high-altitude objects does exist, but remains classified. The publication of images and footage is not possible. The term of the secrecy is also not disclosed,” a Pentagon spokesman said.

This is in stark contrast to the unveiling of the aforementioned pilot’s selfie with a scout balloon. The Pentagon also hastened to declassify footage of a collision between a Russian aircraft and a US military drone over the Black Sea in early March.

The concealment of UFO footage has prompted speculation that there may be unpleasant news for the government. For example, the downed object over Yukon could be a balloon of the Northern Illinois Bottlecap Balloon Brigade, which stopped transmitting at about the same time when the F-22 Raptor fighter destroyed an unidentified object.

“When I heard that [it was a] silver object with a payload attached to it, that could be one of our balloons,” says an employee of the Northern Illinois Bottlecap Balloon Brigade.

A BBC spokesman explained that the images could reveal intelligence activities, sources or methods of intelligence, as well as scientific, technological or economic issues related to national security. Both the Canadian and American governments have stopped searching for downed objects, and President Biden admitted that the three downed UFOs were most likely research balloons.

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According to Politico

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