NASA astronauts go into outer space for the first time in eight months

On the ISS, astronauts are going to conduct their first spacewalk under the guidance of NASA, which has not been conducted since March 2022. The space agency suspended activities outside the orbital station to allow time to investigate an incident during a walk when a thin layer of moisture appeared in the helmet of German astronaut Matthias Maurer.

Spacewalk. Photo: NASA

Everything is fine with the astronaut, but NASA decided to stop the spacewalk at the station to determine the cause of the incident. Meanwhile, five other spacewalks took place at the station, in which mainly cosmonauts organized by Roscosmos participated.

After the Cygnus spacecraft delivered an updated spacesuit kit to the ISS, NASA is preparing to conduct its next spacewalk on November 15 with astronauts Josh Cassada and Frank Rubio.

When will the spacewalk begin?

Two astronauts will leave the gateway of the Quest station at 02:00 p.m. GMT+2 to assemble a mounting bracket for solar arrays on the starboard side of the orbital outpost farm as part of the ongoing work on the modernization of the station’s energy system. 

The event can be watched online. The live broadcast of the NASA event will begin at 02.30. p.m. Cassada and Rubio plan to spend about seven hours outside the station. Various cameras will be used in the live broadcast, including astronaut helmet cameras, as well as comments from NASA personnel that offer an idea of what astronauts are doing at any given time. Live audio communication between astronauts and flight control will also be part of the online broadcast.

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