Incredible photo of the ISS demonstrates the potential of Maxar satellites

Maxar has published an amazing photo taken by one of its satellites. It depicts the International Space Station.

A photo of the ISS taken by the Maxar satellite. Source: Maxar

The Maxar photo demonstrates the details of the ISS device, which previously could only be seen in photos of space explorers visiting the station. On it, you can view all the main modules of the orbital complex, arrays of its solar panels, radiator panels and docked spacecraft Crew Dragon, Soyuz and Progress.

The photo of the ISS was published by Maxar as a visual demonstration of its capabilities. The fact is that on December 5, the company received permission from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration of the United States to survey satellites in low Earth orbit in the altitude range from 200 to 1000 km.

According to Maxar, its devices can receive satellite photos in the declared altitude range with a resolution of up to 15 cm per pixel, as well as track their movements. Already next year, the company plans to launch a new program in which it will offer its customers a number of services related to the survey of spacecraft. Among them:

  • Assistance in the identification and characterization of space objects, as well as in the assessment of the operating environment for new space launches.
  • Assessment of the risks of collision in orbit, planning maneuvers, checking at the end of the service life of space technology and monitoring its arch from orbit.
  • Assistance to satellite operators in ensuring safe navigation, assessment of the condition of their assets and monitoring of inactive satellites.
  • Missions for the national security of the United States and its allies.

Recall that Maxar satellites have repeatedly photographed the consequences of hostilities and traces of war crimes in the territories of Ukraine occupied by Russia.

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