Global reaction to the news that Russia abandons the ISS

The world’s reaction to the fact that Russia will leave from the ISS project has been diverse. NASA said it had not received any official notifications. The State Department expressed its regret about this. And Elon Musk wrote: Bon Voyage!

Russia is leaving the ISS project. Source:

NASA reaction: We have not received official notifications

The first reactions of the world to Russia’s statements about its leaving the International Space Station project have appeared. On July 26, the new Director General of Roscosmos, Yuri Borisov, told Putin directly about the termination of all cooperation in this direction “after 2024”. 

NASA was the first to respond to the statement. The director of the ISS, Robyn Gatens, said that her organization had not received any official reports on this matter. She told about this at a conference dedicated to the science and development of the ISS.

According to her statements, NASA believes that cooperation with Russia will continue until 2030, as planned. And, according to Gates and other NASA officials, the phrase “after 2024” means exactly that.

American astronauts Kjell Lindgren and Jessica Watkins, with whom communication was established, also confirmed that no one had heard anything on the ISS and they continue to work together with the Russians. 

State Department expresses its regret

But the US State Department took Borisov’s statements seriously. The representative of this organization, Ned Price, said that “this is a sad event, given the extremely important scientific work carried out on the ISS, the valuable professional cooperation between our space agencies over the years, and especially in light of our updated agreement on cooperation in the field of space flights”. 

The mentioned agreement was signed just a few days ago. It consists of the exchange between Russia and the United States of seats on spacecraft. Interestingly, NASA’s ISS program manager Joel Montalbano, who directly signed this agreement in Moscow, refused to comment on Borisov’s words.

Bon Voyage!

The reaction of the American billionaire and the most famous space entrepreneur Elon Musk turned out to be the shortest and brightest. The head of SpaceX is known for his resolute position on the war in Ukraine and long and not at all peaceful relations with Roscosmos.

Under the news that Russia is leaving the ISS, he wrote just two words: “Bon Voyage!”. Good way. Musk has long been offering to become a replacement for the Russians on the ISS and it is quite possible that in 2-3 years he will achieve this.

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